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Ghost Pen Unit Vaporizer
Dr Dabber


The Ghost Vaporizer pen employs Titanium technology to enhance flavor. Our Titanium atomizers are high resistance, which means a lower, more accurate temperature for vaporizing oils and waxes. The industry standard Ni-chrome coils burn much hotter, which results in a burnt, metallic taste to your vapor. We have also customized the atomizer to sit deeper in the chamber, which minimizes leakage and maximizes loading capacity. These improvements paired with a larger than average battery and a bonus dab tool and storage ball in every box makes the Dr. Dabber Ghost kit the perfect package. Our customer service and aftersales support, much like our products, are second to none. We stock all replacement parts, and usually ship within 24 hours..

Mouth Piece Top Fill Chamber Battery Power Unit

The Ghost Kit

  • Dr. Dabber Lithium Ion Battery
  • Dr. Dabber Ghost Attachment
  • Extra Ghost Atomizer
  • Dr. Dabber Dab Tool
  • Dr. Dabber "Shatter Proof" Silicon Ball
  • Dr. Dabber Ghost Manual
  • USB Charger
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